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We provide the best in Video Editing and Film Production World-Wide. Our projects have spanned the globe, from China to South Florida. From Weddings to Music Videos, Short Films to Live Television, we have the experience to deliver superb film production & editing for any medium or genre. Contact us today to have In the Ring Productions in your corner!

Ulyses Almanza, a Miami-native, is owner, director, and producer at In the Ring Productions, LLC.
Almanza, an over-achieving daydreamer and perfectionist, graduated from Florida International
University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Bachelor of Science in Communications, he
also holds a certification in film studies.

Fully equipped with a vivid imagination, Almanza has been a great storyteller since childhood. His
passion for quality and substance and utmost dedication to the tasks at hand are the traits that clearly set
him aside from others in the field.

Almanza brings almost ten years of film production experience and has worked closely with major
networks such as Bravo, MTV, NBC, and Univision. In 2009, he interned with the prestigious Miami
International Film Festival.

“Creating a concept and following it through brings me the greatest joy,” says Almanza. His positive
outlook on life is what fuels his creativity and there is nothing he can’t achieve.


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